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Her Nehemiah Project

A local artist and writer, who happens to be an amazing woman with a full heart and free spirit, and also my aunt, shared some of her current writings on a 52-day journey inspired to "rebuild and reinforce [her] spiritual walls." These writings have been accumulating over a number of years, including a number of personal experiences that have guided her faith. She spoke of her journey with faith, daily devotions, and her solace in creation. We talked about her process of organizing her writings into a historical and spiritual work book that asks for the reader's self reflection.

We also spoke of the scar that starts at her sternum and continues for several inches in a vertical descent. Her scar is worn with pride in faith and the Lord. Her triple bypass surgery was only 6 months ago.

I am blessed to have the opportunity to listen to this part of her story and I am honored to capture what she's shared with me. I look forward to Jill's completed workbook on The Nehemiah Project and the spiritual journey it will help me to create.


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